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Alloy - Grade 80 Chain Recommended for overhead lifting applications. Lightest weight to strength ratio. Black lacquered finish.  According to ASTM A391 and NACM Specification. Chain is 100% proof tested to 2x the Working Load Limit .

Warning! do not exceed working load limit (WLL) of the Alloy - Grade 80 Chain.

USA Made also available in various sizes upon request.
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Item #


Weight Per Foot


Working Load Limit


049015-C N/A 1/4 in N/A 0.71 Pound N/A DRUM/800' N/A 2530 Pound N/A Alloy
049016-C N/A 9/32 in N/A 0.71 Pound N/A DRUM/800' N/A 3,500 Pound N/A Alloy
049020-C N/A 5/16 in N/A 0.92 Pound N/A DRUM/550' N/A 4500 Pound N/A Alloy
049025-C N/A 3/8 in N/A 1.41 Pound N/A DRUM/400 N/A 7100 Pound N/A Alloy
049035-C N/A 1/2 in N/A 2.40 Pound N/A DRUM/200' N/A 12,000 Pound N/A Alloy
049045-C N/A 5/8 in N/A 3.76 Pound N/A DRUM/150' N/A 18,100 Pound N/A Alloy
049050-C N/A 3/4 in N/A 5.50 Pound N/A DRUM/100 N/A 28,300 Pound N/A Alloy
049055-C N/A 7/8 in N/A 7.12 Pound N/A DRUM/100' N/A 34,200 Pound N/A Alloy
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